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Notes 2015


Our Sask production at Eskdale Seed Farm met some wet weather challenges reducing the germination in the clean seed samples to the mid-80’s. Yields were very good in the 60’s with low ergot and fusarium.

Our Alberta production at Simco Seeds in Ponoka met with a severe hail storm mid-summer, frost in early fall but still yielded very well, had no fusarium and germinates well. It did have higher than normal ergot than what we expected but believe the infection was due to the plant having to regenerate so late in the summer.


The AAC Ardill peas were multiplied at Wilfing Seeds in Meadow Lake, Ardell Seeds at Vanscoy, McDougall Acres in Moose Jaw, Hickseed Ltd at Mossbank and Sorgard Seeds in Churchbridge.

All growers reported the variety standing very well allowing great progress straight cutting. There were minimal disease issues. Yields were reported as low as in the high 40’s due to poor seeding conditions and as high as in the low 70’s. The adaptability to most soil zones and types appears to be very good.

We are increasing availability into Manitoba with Fraser Seeds in Minto, MB multiplying them in 2016.

The AAC Liscard pea had a setback in the 2014 multiplication year resulting in us starting over in our multiplication from virtually scratch. 2015 proved to be much better with a significant amount available for high level seed multiplication. We are now expecting a limited 2017 certified seed availability.

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