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Production Notes from 2002


AC Barrie: SeCan
- Still the base wheat we produce. Yields were in mid 40's. Straight cut in mid Sept. Very little shattering, no mildew, stood well. Graded a good #3 with low 14's protein.
- Susceptible to new rust strains, but decent fusarium tolerance.
Superb: SeCan NEW
- Tall semi-dwarf bearded spring wheat. Yields averaged 40's to mid 60's. Stood well, slight shattering, straight cut, big kernel, likely 2-3 days later maturing that AC Barrie.
- Excellent yield potential but slightly later maturing.
- Excellent disease resistance including rust - all strains but susceptible to fusarium.
Alsen: Canterra  NEW
- American spring wheat on Canadian interim registration.
- Bearded, medium height, good standability, prone to shattering.
- Yields similar to Barrie, maturity similar to Barrie.
- Best fusarium tolerance to date of all wheats.
CDC Bounty: Canterra
- Yields high 40's, protein high 13's, similar in height to Barrie. Yield slightly better. Resistant to new rust, fusarium as good as Barrie. May have weak legs under good growing conditions.
AC Elsa: SeCan
- Excellent yielder -mid-high 50's. Maturity, standability, disease package similar to Barrie except low tolerance to fusarium. Appeared to have more seed borne mildew at harvest time. Offered on Worburton contracts with premiums paid to $20/t + storage.
AC Snowbird: QAS NEW
- Hard white wheat with identical growing characteristics to Elsa except better fusarium tolerance but less than Barrie. Yields mid 50's and very good protein.
- CWB has new category opened up with premiums of 5-$10/t over and above HRS. Contracts available through Cargill Paterson Grain.
- Non-bearded Teal type wheat with excellent yield potential but poor fusarium. Only had 1.5 acre plot which was last to harvest but still grades at a #2. Weathering looks outstanding but don't know much else until next harvest.
- New CPS red with characteristics very similar to AC Crystal except outstanding fusarium tolerance. Yields mid to high 60's. Treated with Folicur for other leaf diseases. Straight cut but appears to be quite prone to shattering.
- As of yet unlicensed due to concerns by CGC and CWB over contamination risk. May get closed loop contact program. Stay Tuned.
AC Crystal: SeCan
- Yields again mid-high 60's. Graded #2 CPS Red. First time in many years will pay to deliver to CWB. Normally a feed grain. Prairie-Malt Biggar also trying a test malt on 3000 tonne for delivery to Germany.


CDC Stratus: QAS
- 2 Row Malt variety. Yields mid high 60's Straight cut middle of harvest. No neck breakage or shattering. Good disease package. Planted back on Stratus stubble. Now accepted by all malsters.
AC Metcalfe: Secan
- 2 Row Malt variety. Very similar in all characteristics to Stratus. May end up as new standard for 2 row malt versus Harrington.
AC Bountiful: QAS NEW
- Experimental 2 Row Malt/Feed. Likely higher yielding than Stratus by 3 to 5 bu./acre. Very similar agronimic package. Now in test malt phase.
- Yields and demand same as last year.
AC Ranger: QAS NEW
- 6 Row Forage Barley likely to replace Virdun. Slightly shorter but excellent biomass producer. Good legs and seed yield.
Virden: Secan
- Old 6 Row standard silage barley. Tall with lots of biomass but weak straw and thin seed.
CDC Dolly: Secan
- 2 Row Feed Barley with yields similar to other 2 row malt varieties. Excellent bushel weight and kernel plumpness. Has extracted premium in feed marketplace in the past.


- Old standard white milling variety with unshakeable acceptance by millers. Yields in 70's
AC Pinnacle: QAS NEW
- very similar to Derby only better rust resistance. Yields in mid 70's. Good standability. Even had couple of customers straight cut this variety.
Dancer: QAS NEW
- Preferred milling variety by Cargill.
-Not sure of characteristics as grown by contracter at Saltcoats.
CDC Baler: QAS
- Excellent forage oat. Leaves like corn plants. Good standability. Yields like CDC bayer and bushel weight and kernel size similar. Forage tests across prairies show it as good green feed or silage component.


Taurus: QAS
- Excellent yield. Mid to high 20's. Good bushel weight medium maturity. Excellent standability and very easy to cut. Good one to straight cut.
CDC Bethune: Secan
- Excellent yield, very similar to Taurus. Good bushel weight, medium maturity. Not as good as Taurus for standing and straight cutting. Had more regrowth than Taurus in late fall.


Croma: Canterra
-Large seed, shorter stature. Good standing, good seed coat breakage. Prone to Powdery Mildew. Yields in mid to high 30's.
DS Admiral: QAS
- Medium seed, taller, semi-leafless. Very good standing, good seed coat breakage, good resistance to Powdery Mildew. Very consistent seed size. Yields high 30's low 40's.
Eclipse: QAS
- Very similar to Admiral, except seed not as consistently sized. Yields in low to mid 40's.


Toledo: Canterra
- Medium seed size. Very good standing, good seed coat breakage, good green retention. Yields mid 40's.
CDC Montero: Crop Development Centre  NEW
- Good upright green peas with excellent seed shape. Not as good as Toledo for standability or disease. Yields low to mid 40's.
CDC D01: Crop Development Centre  NEW
- Only grown on small plots. Appears to have good yield potential. Excellent seed shape and consistency and colour retention. Will know move next year.


CDC Acer: Crop Development Centre  NEW
- New semi-leafless maple pea with small seed size. Only grown on small plot. Will know more next year.
Courier: Canterra
- Semi-leafless maple pea with medium seed size. Market prices now $17/bu.
CDC Minuet: Crop Development Centre  NEW
- Small yellow pea which has premiums in bird seed markets. Semi-leafless, good Powdery Mildew resistance.
4010: QAS
- Excellent silage/forage pea. Small seed size with lots of biomass. Could stretch 5-6 feet long. High sugar content.
CDC April: QAS
- Very small seeded, 150 gm/1,000 K, short stature - 20 inch, specialty pea used in racing pigeon market. Seed yield 70% yellow pea. Market price now $15/bu.


DKL 3455: Dekalb
- Medium maturing, late starting, long flowering. Very consistent performer. Good standability, good disease tolerance. Yield around 40 bu/acre on 160 acre and 46 bu/acre on 20 acre plot.
DKL 3525: Dekalb
- Later maturing. Didn't look like much all summer but yielded 41 bu/acre on 160 acre. R for Blackleg. Easy to cut.
DKL 3235 - Dekalb
- Early maturity. Quick to emerge, quick to flower. Leaned over.
- Fall seeded - 18 bu/acre with average plant stand 8 to 10/m2. Incredible.
- Spring seeded - 34 bu/acre on dirty, light sandy land. 80 acre plot.
BY 799: LiBred
- Medium maturity, synthetic, quick out of the ground, long flowering period. Excellent standability. Easy to cut. Yield 38 bu/acre in 10 acre plot.
SW Gladiator: QAS
- Synthetic hybrid. Looked like an average canola all year but did have very long flowering period. 20 acre plot yielded 50 bu/acre on 220 acre field 41 bu/acre.


46A77: Proven
- Expressed some tolerance problems. Thin, patchy all year because of cutworm damage. Yield 37 bu/acre on 240 acre.
- Not being re-registered in 2003.
1604 CI: Canterra NEW
- Good early season vigor, excellent uniform plant stand. Haven't had a canola that consistent in appearance in years. No lodging - perfect stand but swathed on green side so only yielded 40 bu/acre - 90 acres.


- Excellent spring vigor, long flowering period. Quite tall - some leaning at swathing. Medium-late maturing. Very large seed size. 49 bu/acre on 20 acres.
- Good spring vigor, medium stature, early maturing. Flea beetle and cutworm damage was excessive therefore not a fair comparison in 20 acre plot trial.


Nexera 720: Dow Agro Sciences
- Decent emergence. Didn't flower long. Ended up very dirty due to late spraying. Yield low 30's. Will not grow this variety again but will grow 705 again. Premiums are too good to pass up ($1-$2/bu). Edge application a necessity.


Pioneer 6150
- Early maturing short stature sunflower. Severe cutworm problem resulted in replanting June 20. Yields therefore around 1,000 lb/acre. Customers farther south had up to 2,000 lb/acre. Crop prices $0.20 to $0.25/lb this year.

Dry Bean:

CDC Pintium: Crop Development Centre
- Only early maturing, erect bean we have available. Poor seed quality problems resulted in 50/60 acres being turned under. Seed handling and weed control extremely important to succesful growing dry beans. More learning ahead.


AC Ultima: QAS
- Spring Triticale. Maturity like CPS wheat. Medium to tall plant height. Excellent drought tolerant silage crop. Also used in milling and distilling market. Yields high 40's to low 50's. Value $4.50-$5.00/bu. with potential for higher if makes milling grade. Prone to fusarium.
Bobcat: Progressive Seed
- Winter Triticale. 4-7 day later maturity than winter wheat. Little to no awns so excellent forage material. Also makes very good quick pasture due to rapid regrowth. We pastured 90 cow/calf pairs on 160 acres for 80 days. Also used in milling and distilling markets.


CDC Falcon: SeCan
- Short stature, early maturing winter wheat. Excellent for straight cutting. Needs slightly higher management due to shorter stature ie. more weed control, higher seed rate. Yields mid-high 60's. Excellent kernel quality - low starch.
CDC Raptor: Secan
- Tall semi-dwarf, later maturing than Falcon. Good for straight cutting. Excellent kernel quality. More prone to fusarium because of longer flowering period. Yields mid 60's to low 70's.


AC Greenfix: S.S. Johnson Seeds
- Long vined, small seeded annual pulse plant that has excellent Nitrogen fixing capabilities. Interest comes from organic producers and green manure producers who want this for plowdown.


Citation IV: Brett Young
Perennial turf grass seed. Underseeded to HRS wheat last year. Where we had good crop of wheat - no grass survived thin wheat crop - grass survived winter but didn't fair well in dry spring. Cool, dry spring and heavy wild oat pressure resulted in very poor seed set. This year's crop was underseeded to April peas with excellent establishments but heavy volunteer wheat pressure.

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