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News 2007

  • We are able to offer a variety of CREDIT PROGRAMS:
    • AgriCard deferred interest free until October 2007 with the purchase of Dekalb and Brett Young brands.
    • ScotiaBank deferred terms on all preapproved transactions that are underwritten through Wagon Wheel Seed Corp.
    • Ag Line for Preferred customers deferred until late fall.

    All these programs are simply 1-2 page documents that can be filled out at our business or at home and generally take 1 to 2 weeks for approval. This may be a great way to take some of the cash flow crunch out of the 2007 crop.

  • There are very attractive year-end canola pricing opportunities with up to 45% savings off of spring pricing on some varieties.

  • We are once again offering the ProTec Polymer and Inoculant Treating Process on either seed purchased here or on your own seed. This is a state of the art process which research has shown to provide the best live rhizobium count of all inoculant processes to date.

There will be some attractive 2 row and 6 row malt barley premiums offered directly by some malt companies and also a line company.

We are currently waiting for approval of a small program on some new white CPS wheats that may provide some IP opportunities.


Wagon Wheel Seed Corp has obtained the exclusive rights to a new forage barley named Binscarth barley. Binscarth forage yield is in the top 3 including Virden, Ranger and Vivar. Binscarth forage quality is superior to the checks. Binscarth has an unmeasured quality of regreening quickly after cutting allowing heavy grazing on the stubble. Binscarth will be commercially available in the fall of 2007.

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