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News 2012

Warburton has provided acceptance on AC Unity VB and Glenn wheat. They have sizeable programs with Infinity also. Check with your local Paterson, Viterra or other Warburton wheat contract issuer.
Richardson Pioneer has marketing opportunities with the Clearfield wheat variety WR859 CL. There are programs with discounts on inputs that may be available.
Richardson Pioneer has premiums available to produce the hard white spring wheat Snowstar. They offer a production premium as well as 100% contract acceptance on #1 and #2 grades.
With interest in producing soybeans in East Central Saskatchewan we have made arrangements with North Star Genetics to supply 2 of the earliest, small seed size Round Up Ready 2 soybeans on the market. NSC Anola RR and NSC Libau. They are 2375 heat units, 107 days to maturity. Great variety for solid seeding and with small seed size will keep seed costs down. Producers in Manitoba are finding for first time soybean growers that a dual application of granular inoculant applied in furrow plus a liquid or peat treatment on the seed provides the best source of inoculant to maximize nitrogen fixing. Soybeans are not like planting peas, they are not as forgiving for deep planting, cool soil temperatures, variable planting depth, etc. Manitoba producers have even delayed planting until the right temperature arrives in the day. Marketing is now readily available in Manitoba with pricing programs very similar to canola.
We have made arrangements with Besco Grain in Brunkild, Manitoba and Lakeside Global Seeds in Dafoe, SK to provide their programming and contracts to anyone interested in marketing and/or contracting mustard. They have deferred seed pricing, on farm pickup, Act of God clauses, bonded by the CGC and can work with partial loads.
We have the ability to custom treat to your specifications on all cereals and pulse crops. Please let us know at the time of ordering if you would prefer us to have your seed treated and/or inoculated and ready to go when you are.
Up to 50% of your forage seed costs may be reimbursed if you fall within the Assiniboine Watershed Authority. Blends must contain perennial forages and some species are exempt from the rebate. Applications and more information is available at the Assiniboine Watershed Stewardship Association office in Yorkton at 306 786-1786.
  • ScotiaBank deferred terms on all preapproved transactions that are underwritten through Wagon Wheel Seed Corp. Simple 2 page applications are available at our office. Approval up to $50,000 is available in a couple of days.
  • Farm Credit line of credit on preapproved applications that are underwritten through Wagon Wheel Seed Corp. Simple form applications are available at our office.
  • Visa, MasterCard, Agricard and Ag-Line are accepted at our office on all payments.

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