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SPRING - Brevis

  • -strong straw awned spring triticale
  • -highest yielding variety compared to checks in Saskatchewan and Alberta trials.
  • -very good lodging tolerance
  • -very good rust resistance
  • -good resistance to ergot
  • See the Brevis 2011-103-1 variety description

Pedigreed seed available in Sask at Eskdale Seed Farm – Kelliher 306 675-2222

Pedigreed seed available in Alberta at Simco Seeds – Ponoka 780 372-2111


YELLOW – AAC Ardill (MP1892)

AAC Ardill is a semi-leafless, high yielding and powdery mildew resistant yellow pea variety. In registration trials, AAC Ardill yielded 20 percent and 17 percent higher than the check varieties in 2014 and 2015 Sask Seed Guide. AAC Ardill had a lodging score of 3.5, significantly lower than the lodging score of the check varieties. It has very good seed shape and seed integrity. AAC Ardill matured at approximately 103 days, one or two days later than the check varieties. AAC Ardill is currently available as certified seed at select growers in Sask and Manitoba and is licensed to Wagon Wheel Seed Corporation.

MAPLE – AAC Liscard (P0609-08)

AAC Liscard is a semi-leafless, high yielding and powdery mildew resistant maple pea variety. In a replicated yield trial in 2011, AAC Liscard yields were 28 percent higher than CDC Acer, and six percent higher than Courier. AAC Liscard had significantly better lodging resistance than CDC Acer and Courier. The seed size of AAC Liscard was larger than that of CDC Acer, but smaller than the seed size of Courier. AAC Liscard matured at approximately 100 days, the same as the check varieties. It is undergoing Pedigree Seed production, and is licensed to Wagon Wheel Seed Corporation.


The longer vine habit of Granger is more suitable for use as a green-manure crop. Because of the tall plant habit, Granger competes well with weeds and is more easily harvested. Granger has an indeterminant flowering habit and flowers about the same time as other Austrian winter pea cultivars, but matures3-4 days earlier. It is a semi-leafless type that imparts a strongly upright and intertwined canopy. Seeds of Granger are round, smooth and have yellow cotyledons. Seed coats are mottled and pigmented. Granger is resistant to race 1 of Fusarium wilt, but similar to other Austrian winter pea cultivars for reaction to root rot, powdery mildew and Ascochyta blight. The semi-leafless trait and upright habit may enable the variety to reduce the severity of foliar diseases such as sclerotinia white mold and Ascochyta blight.

Pedigreed seed is available at Hickseed Ltd – Ardill, SK. Dale at 306 229-9517; Barry at 306 354-7998

Breeder seed of Granger is maintained by the Washington State Crop Improvement Association.

Test Plots at Wagon Wheel Seed Corporation

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